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Feb 21, 2020

Lev Livnev, a formal verification researcher at and a founding partner at Symbolic Capital Partners, talks about the two attacks on bZx in the last week. He describes what the attackers did, why he thinks flash lending is not the culprit and how much he thinks bZx is to blame. Plus, we talk about what this means for DeFi in general and where the space goes from here. 

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Kelman Law:

Episode links: 

Lev Livnev:

CoinDesk explanation of both attacks:

The first attack:

Peckshield analysis on the hack step by step:

BZx's post-mortem on the first attack:

Unchained interview with Compound:

Unchained interview with dYdX:

Unconfirmed interview with Uniswap:

The second attack:

Sam Czsun blog post:

What all this means for bZx:

Unchained interview with Synthetix:

Links from news recap: