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Dec 4, 2020

James Slazas, founder and CEO of LiquidStake and DARMA Capital, describes their retail and institutional offerings for customers who want to stake on Ethereum 2.0 but still access the locked-up capital. In this episode, we discuss: 

  • what problem LiquidStake solves and how 
  • what happens if the dollar value of someone’s stake drops below the amount that they’ve borrowed
  • who keeps the ETH in a liquidation 
  • how LiquidStake makes money 
  • how they determine the price of ETH to make the loan and what it does in the event of a flash crash on an exchange
  • how LiquidStake and DARMA Capital are also serving institutional clients
  • how total return swap agreements with DARMA work 
  • why they offer more tax and regulatory clarity
  • why LiquidStake currently offers USDC for its stablecoin
  • the pros and cons of a centralized loans on staked ETH 2 over decentralized ones 
  • the other crypto systems LiquidStake is partnering with
  • how LiquidStake and DARMA Capital are able to make these loans from a regulatory perspective


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