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Unconfirmed: Insights and Analysis From the Top Minds in Crypto

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Feb 5, 2021

Mira Christanto, research analyst at Messari, recently wrote a comprehensive report on the crypto scene in Asia. In this episode, she covers cultural differences in crypto trading between East and West, plus gives us the latest on the diverse regulatory landscape within this large region. Some topics covered in this show include:

  • why Asia is an important geography in crypto
  • why Asia dominates the crypto futures trading markets
  • why DeFi fits better with Western culture, and centralized services are more respected in the East
  • the state of regulation across the region
  • what makes crypto regulation in Hong Kong unique
  • how the Chinese are approaching regulation, and how bitcoin is exchanged there
  • how Japan's crypto industry differs from that of other companies and why penetration is still somewhat low
  • why and how Korea is distinct from other crypto trading cultures
  • why Singapore's regulatory framework for crypto is the most sophisticated
  • what's happening in Southeast Asia and India 
  • the status of crypto mining in China — and why the Western view of it is quite different from what it's like on the ground


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